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July 9, 2024

Product perfection: Unveil the magic of Dudley products! Elevate your beauty routine with our curated selection—quality, style, and excellence in every bottle.


The Dudley Cosmetology University Apron

$25.00 ( shipping included)

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Cocoa Butter Lotion 8 fl. oz.

Dudley’s Aloe Vera Cocoa Butter Lotion moisturizes and protects skin from environmental factors. Its mild formula helps make dry, ashy skin smooth and soft.  Cocoa Butter Lotion, also gives the arms, legs, feet and body a moist finish without becoming sticky or shiny and contains a light, pleasant scent that does not linger.

Creme Press
14 oz.

Dudley’s Crème Press is a light, creamy oil blend designed to coat and protect the hair from the damaging effects of excessive curling, flat ironing or blow dryer heat. It is concentrated with essential moisturizers and can be used as a daily hairdressing. It will not stain or discolor gray or color-treated hair.

Cream Protein
8 oz.

Dudley’s Cream Protein Hair Conditioner strengthens and restores moisture within the hair shaft. It reduces tangles, leaving hair with an incredible softness and sheen.

Jojoba Vita Serum 4 oz

Dudley’s Jojoba Vita Serum is a light multi-purpose blend of vitamins and oils created to nourish and give life to dry dull hair, and scalp.The Vita serum restores the natural moisture balance, and improves elasticity. When used consistently it protects the integrity of the overall hair and scalp health.

Moisturizing Shampoo 8oz.

Dudley’s Moisturizing Shampoo is full of special moisturizers for your hair and scalp. It produces a rich lather that rinses clean—leaving no residue behind on the hair or scalp.

Moisturizing Cond 8 fl. oz.

Dudley’s Moisturizing Conditioner restores moisture in the hair and is full of special moisturizers for your hair and scalp. It is specifically designed to work in conjunction with Dudley’s Moisturizing Shampoo.

Hair & Scalp Conditioner w/ Vitamins AD&E 14 oz

Dudley’s Hair & Scalp Conditioner plus Vitamins AD&E is an extra light oil designed to lubricate the scalp and soften the hair by supplementing the scalp’s natural oils. Vitamin A is necessary for healthy oil production of the scalp. Vitamin D works as a nutrient, and Vitamin E protects the hair from oxygen-stealing free radicals like cigarette smoke and air pollution.

PCA Moisture Retainer 16 oz

Dudley’s PCA Moisture Retainer is a concentrated, leave-in moisturizing hairdressing that restores the hair’s natural oils and moisture. This daily lotion is enriched with humectants and creamy emollients that soften and retain moisture in the hair shaft. Great for all hair types and men and women.

Scalp Special
14 oz.

Dudley’s Scalp Special Hair & Scalp Conditioner is a medicated oil that controls dandruff and itchy scalp.

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